Soon in 2021

Hello everyone, you will find here the list of plants I have in preparation and seeds in germination for the new spring/summer 2021 season. This list is not exhaustive and will vary in function of my successes in germination and new plants arrivals throughout the season. For the rarer species, it’s highly recommended to put an option on these, so that I can contact you as soon as they’re ready and you don’t miss the opportunity of acquiring them. In that case please send me a message using the contact form.

Most of these plants will be available around May/June 2021.


Young plants :

Cycas changjiangensis x taitungensis

Cycas fairylakea

Cycas panzhihuaensis

Cycas panzhihuaensis x diannanensis

Cycas panzhihuaensis x hainanensis

Cycas panzhihuaensis x multifrondis (peu divisé)

Cycas panzhihuaensis x multifrondis (très divisé)

Cycas panzhihuaensis x revoluta

Cycas panzhihuaensis x taitungensis

Cycas pectinata

Cycas revoluta x multifrondis (peu divisé)

Cycas revoluta x multifrondis (très divisé)

Cycas rumphii (quantité limitée)

Cycas segmentifida (quantité limitée)

Cycas siamensis “Silver”

Cycas sp. Vietnam (quantité limitée)

Cycas taitungensis

Cycas taitungensis x hainanensis

Cycas taitungensis x multifrondis (très divisé)

Cycas taitungensis x panzhihuaensis

Cycas thouarsii

Dioon califanoi

Dioon caputoi (quantité limitée)

Dioon holmgrenii

Dioon merolae

Dioon stevensonii

Dioon tomasellii (quantité limitée)

Zamia furfuracea

Zamia hamannii (quantité limitée)

Zamia integrifolia « Palatka Giant » x angustifolia

Zamia nesophila (quantité limitée)

Zamia obliqua

Zamia purpurea (quantité limitée)

Zamia pygmaea

Zamia pygmaea Wide Leaflets (quantité limitée)

Zamia stevensonii (quantité limitée)

Zamia variegata

Larger plants and specimens :

Cycas debaoensis 4-5cm caudex

Cycas multifrondis 8-12cm caudex

Cycas panzhihuaensis 4-5cm caudex

Cycas panzhihuaensis 50-80cm caudex

Cycas revoluta 30-110cm caudex

Cycas taitungensis 4-5cm caudex

Cycas taitungensis 90-110cm caudex

Dioon spinulosum 50-80cm caudex

Dioon spinulosum rejets 10-20cm caudex

Zamia encephalartoides 4-5cm caudex

Zamia integrifolia 8-10cm caudex

Zamia loddigesii 8-12cm caudex

Zamia vazquezii 5-15cm caudex

Ferns (reservations recommended):

Platycerium alcicorne « Madagascar »

Platycerium ridleyi

Platycerium stemaria

Platycerium superbum

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