Soon in 2020

Welcome to the 2020 availibities page, you’ll find here plants that will be available during the upcoming season, from the seeds in germination to the imported plants

New plants will be uploaded to the shop as soon as they are available. The first one will arrive in Spring and more and more will be added throughout the season.

This list is not exhaustive and new plants will be added according to my findings and success in germination.

These new plants are added to the already available ones that keep growing at the nursery and the list of new availabilities will be updated often.

Young plants :

Cycas angulata 1-2 leaves

Cycas cairnsiana 1-2 leaves

Cycas couttsiana 1-2 leaves

Cycas chevalieri 3-4 cm caudex

Cycas clivicola 1-2 leaves

Cycas debaoensis 4-5cm caudex

Cycas diannanensis 1-2 leaves

Cycas lindstromii 1-2 leaves

Cycas maconochiei 1-2 leaves

Cycas multipinnata 3-4cm caudex

Cycas ophiolitica 4cm caudex

Cycas panzhihuaensis 4-5cm caudex

Cycas petraea 1-2 leaves

Cycas pectinata (Thailand) 1-2 leaves

Cycas pranburiensis 1-2 leaves

Cycas revoluta x multifrondis 1-3 leaves

Cycas revoluta x taitungensis 1-3 leaves

Cycas seemannii 1-2 leaves

Cycas siamensis “Dwarf” 1-2 leaves

Cycas siamensis “Silver” 1-2 leaves

Cycas taitungensis 1-3 leaves

Cycas thouarsii x cupida 1-2 leaves

Cycas tropophylla 3cm caudex

Cycas yorkiana 1-2 leaves

Dioon edule 1-2 leaves

Dioon purpusii 5cm caudex (2 units available)

Dioon spinulosum 5cm caudex

Dioon tomaselii 2-3 leaves

Macrozamia flexuosa 1-2 leaves

Macrozamia fraseri 1-2 leaves

Macrozamia macdonnellii 2-3cm caudex

Macrozamia riedlei 1-2 leaves

Macrozamia riedlei 3-5cm caudex

Zamia dressleri 2-3 leaves (2-3 units available)

Zamia encephalartoides 4-6cm caudex

Zamia erosa 1-2 leaves

Zamia furfuracea 3-5cm caudex

Zamia furfuracea “Variegata” 2-3cm caudex (2-3 units available)

Zamia hamannii 1-2 leaves (2-3 units available)

Zamia herrerae 1-2 leaves

Zamia inermis 1-2 leaves

Zamia integrifolia x angustifolia 1-2 leaves

Zamia nesophila 1-2 leaves

Zamia obliqua 2-3 leaves (2 units available)

Zamia pseudoparasitica 3-4cm caudex (1-2 units available)

Zamia roezlii 1-2 leaves

Zamia variegata x standleyi 2-4 leaves

Zamia vazquezii 1-2 leaves

Zamia vazquezii x inermis 1-2 leaves

Larger plants and specimens :

Cycas pectinata 10-12cm caudex (5-6 units available)

Cycas sexseminifera 15-20cm caudex, very old plants (last 1 units available)

Cycas revoluta 80cm trunk (4 units available)

Cycas revoluta x multifrondis 10cm caudex (6-8 units available)

Cycas revoluta x multifrondis 6cm caudex (6-8 units available)

Dioon edule extra quality 20-35cm caudex (10-12 units available)

Dioon edule clumps 30 liters pot (4-6 units available)

Dioon spinulosum 20-80cm tall caudex (10-12 units available)

Encephalartos lehmanii 27cm caudex (1 unit available)

Encephalartos ferox 10-12 cm caudex (5 units available)

Zamia integrifolia 8-12cm caudex

Ferns :

Elaphoglossum crinitum 10cm pot

Microsorum siamensis 10cm pot

Microsorum steerei 10cm pot

Platycerium coronarium 10cm pot

Platycerium veitchii 10cm pot

Platycerium ridleyi 10cm pot

Other plants :

Araucaria bidwilii seedlings

Clivia gardenii divisions

Clivia robusta seedlings

Clivia x cyrthantiflora seedlings

Dracaena cinnabari small seedlings

Dracaena draco ssp caboverdeana small seedlings

Dracaena serrulata small seedlings

Ficus deltoidea (2 forms) mounted on board or rock

Pachypodium densiflorum 10cm pot

Pachypodium gracilius 10cm pot

Pachypodium eburneum 10cm pot

This year you’ll notice more and more Cycas, bescause seeds are readily available and they are fairly easy to grow in a temperate climate, and I have to admit that I have a soft spot for this genus…

I keep growing more cold hardy cycads hybrids like Cycas revoluta x taitungensis and more sizes of Cycas revoluta x multifrondis. I am also working to create more exclusive cold hardy and promising hybrids.

As always, if you have a question or would like to reserve a plant, do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form or through my facebook page!


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