Some customers told me they were disappointed they missed some occasions on some exclusive specimens that are available in very small quantities so I have created this page where I’ll publish pictures and descriptions of plants I have in preparation with very limited availability. If you’re interested in something send me a message or a call to put an option on it.

Dioon edule – Exceptional specimens – Available Autumn 2019 or Spring 2020

New stock of very old Dioon edule (minimum 20 years), three classes A, B and C according to size. Contact me if you are interested in a certain class so that I can send you pictures and details of each plant.

Class A: 30 cm diameter and 35cm height , very rare at this size, only 3 units available. The species reaching its maximum potential. 1100€ to 1200€

Class A

Class B: 27-28cm diameter, 25-30cm height. 8 units available. 600€ to 800€

Class B

Class C: Diameter 23-25cm. 300€ to 500€

Class C

Dioon spinulosum 30-35 years old – Available in Autumn 2019 or Spring 2020

Extraordinary quality with very wide and compact trunks for this age. Between 35 and 40cm in diameter by 60 to 80cm in height. 1200€ to 1400€ depending on size. Only 3 units available.

Cycas thouarsii specimens – 80-100cm trunk – Available summer/autumn 2019

1) 90cm trunk, leaned, trunk clean, 495€