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Zamia pseudoparasitica care sheet

By Simon Lavaud, 25th May 2023 Cycadales.eu, lavaud.simon@gmail.com Click on the PDF logo to download a free PDF version of this article! Introduction : This species being the only epiphytic cycad, and even the only strictly epiphytic gymnosperm, its cultivation conditions deserve a more in-depth focus compared to other cycads. Zamia pseudoparasitica is a species endemic […]

Basis of Platycerium ridleyi indoor cultivation in Europe

By Simon Lavaud – EURL Cycadales To download the article in PDF, please click on the icon: Disclaimer : This article represents my personal experience, there are as many cultivation methods as there are cultivators, what works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. My methods can be questionned and can probably be improved. This […]

Differencesn between Dioon edule and Dioon angustifolium

Formerly known as a variety of Dioon edule (var. angustifolia), Dioon angustifolium was separated from the former initially on morphologic basis and later thanks to genetics. The seeds of these two species were offered for sales many times during the last decades but Dioon edule remains the most common, and the true Dioon […]